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Mission Contracting

Servicing far North Queensland, Mission Contracting specialise in providing civil construction services to remote areas.

Civil Construction

Our expertise spans large-scale projects through to remote works, with the ability to mobilise resources to any location across the Cape York Peninsular. Services involve the civil maintenance, design and construction of both natural and physically built environments such as roads, railways, buildings, water reservoirs, subdivisions, airports, bridges, sewer systems, tunnels and dams.

Concreting Works

With leading edge services to the building industry across The Cape, our capabilities encompass formwork, reinforcement and concrete placement, kerbing, remediation and cutting. With the included supplied services of remote concrete batch plant facilities, with state-of-the-art plant machinery in computerised receipt printouts on all concrete batches, produced in any remote situation, with further backing by qualified suppliers of materials and trained operators.

Dump (Waste Facilities) Reconstruction

We have the expertise, plant and equipment to provide a safe, compliant, environmentally sound solutions for the remediation and disposal of material from contaminated sites. Providing building and construction of bunded areas and cell construction, including recycle and demolition of waste in material management. We excavate, transport, treat and safely dispose of contaminated or hazardous soils.

Bulk Earthworks

Key services include the removal of material on a larger scale by excavating or cutting into a large area of ground. We specialise in large site cuts for infrastructure such as mines, roads, railways, dams and large industrial building sites. With our bulk earthworks service, we aim to reuse as much excavated material as possible to minimise the environmental impact on our local surroundings. We deliver a range of bulk earthworks services including: Wetlands Construction; Site Remediation; Dam and Evaporation Pond Construction; Large Scale Cut to Fill Projects; Topsoil Stripping and Stockpiling; Forestry Works including Rip Mounding and Tree Clearing; Large scale Hard Stand areas.

Maintenance Grades

Unsealed Road Grading & Watering – our services include grading and watering of unsealed roads, reconstruction grading, top-up material and water supply grading in heavy maintenance construction services. We provide shoulder maintenance grading works in remote locations across all council’s and DTMR road networks, within far North Queensland.

Bitumen Sealing Works

We offer a wide range of sealing options. Ranging from large major contract works through to cold emulsion bitumen spray sealing services for roads, carparks. Offering services to local municipalities and mining and civil contractors with the same care, skill and professionalism provided to large contractors and Government Departments.

Pavement Construction

Construction quality is crucial to the long-term pavement performance. Construction factors such as surface preparation, placement, joint construction and compaction/consolidation have an overwhelming effect on pavement performance, which cannot be ignored or compensated for in mix or structural design. Mission Contracting understands the need for the correct plant and expertise of operators. These are the key factors in providing quality services in maintaining, and rehabilitating pavements. This include all Roads, Highways, Roundabouts etc; Airport Runways; Aprons and Shoulder Pavements; Container Pads; Service Roads and Hard Standing Areas; Car Parks and Sporting/Recreational areas. Whether commercial or residential, we can supply all aspects of “Pavement Construction" to suit the specific requirements.

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Environmental, Health and Safety Standards


Mission Contracting are proudly a local Indigenous Company

Capability Statement

Mission Contracting are a proudly Indigenous Civil Contractor delivering quality, innovative and cost-effective civil projects across a wide variety of sectors.

Based in Far North Queensland, our focus is on the development and implementation of our services within the Cape York Peninsula whilst ensuring opportunities are provided to the Local and Indigenous Communities in our area.

We take pride in our indigenous roots, ethnic origins, traditions and values and instil them in our daily working lives. The company founders have fostered a solid reputation throughout the region, with strong ongoing relationships with local clients.

From project inception through to completion, Mission Contracting will ensure our work is delivered to our clients with the highest quality outcome each and every time. It is our purpose at Mission Contracting to deliver a quality service whilst ensuring respect to our local Indigenous culture and its heritage values and beliefs. This we carry out along with ensuring environmental and health and safety standards are met.

The full version of our capability statement can be downloaded in PDF format below:

Mission Contracting
Capability Statement 2019

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